Every year, safety features in vehicles evolve. Eventually, smart automatic braking, modern airbag systems, electronic stability control, rearview cameras, park assist, and more, will be common to every vehicle on the road. Most advanced safety features will be automatic, much like standard airbags and anti-lock brakes are today. >> Continue Reading

The year 2013 was a ‘landmark’ year for GPS Trackit, a longtime leader in GPS tracking and fleet management solutions. The company released almost a dozen new products and services.  The releases run the gamut, from hardware to software, and include several first-to-market alerts to monitor driving behaviors. >> Continue Reading

A good fleet GPS system will tell you not just where your drivers are, but also what they are doing. Most GPS tracking software provides data on vehicle speeds, but not all solutions let you know when a driver brakes too hard. Hard braking and other unsafe driver behavior can have devastating consequences for your business. Nip these poor driving habits >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading