4 million drivers and 700,000 fleet operators were directly affected by the ban on cell phone use while driving, put into law by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) at the beginning of the year.With the ban being in place since the first quarter of the year, ZoomSafer decided to take a survey to learn how businesses are coping with the changes. >> Continue Reading

Next month marks a first in the transportation and infrastructure industries, with the launch of the inaugural Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) conference to be held in Novi, Michigan. “V2X for Auto Safety and Mobility USA 2012 in March, will be the very first business consortium for this industry to share future vision for this catalytic >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading

The Collins English Dictionary describes telematics as, “the branch of science concerned with the use of technological devices to transmit information over long distances.”It is a rather broad description, but clearly explains the basics of what telematics were designed to do. GPS technology is seeking to take things a step farther.The question is, how will telematics and GPS technology continue to benefit both business and the consumer? >> Continue Reading

  Global Tracking Communications, Inc. has a number of GPS tracking solutions for first responder fleets. GPS tracking solutions are as much about public safety as they are about fleet management, when it comes to emergency first responder units. GPS tracking solutions help to ensure an emergency response vehicle responds to a call on-time, is efficiently >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading