In 2019, there were approximately 5 million people involved in motor vehicle crashes that resulted in injury, a number that has stayed mostly consistent over the last five years, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
The data looked at varying degrees of injury but did not include fatalities. The data showed rear-end collisions made up the most significant portion of all the injuries overall, which is also one of the most common accident types for fleets.
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Skilled fleet managers excel at juggling a number of important tasks to maintain a successful operation, with safety being high on the list of essential duties.

Effectively managing safety is crucial as this ultimately means looking out for the well-being of company drivers, the general public, and your vehicle fleet. Integral aspects to thoroughly managing a safe fleet include monitoring driver behaviors as much as possible, whether this is done by managing real-time GPS data and video, regularly reviewing motor vehicle records, or utilizing a number of other important solutions and tools to support fleet safety.
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Preventing accidents is crucial in fleet management. When it comes to preventing injury, liability and lawsuits, it’s important to have as many useful safeguards in place as possible.
Dash cams can serve as a vehicle “black box” if they’re recording during an incident. Telematics can help reduce accident rates. We’ll examine several ways you can use GPS tracking and telematics to create a safer fleet.

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Fleet management video cameras or dashcams may be essential for protecting your fleet, but how can you get your drivers to accept it?

It’s easy to find driver comments online about dash cams. Some experienced drivers take pride in their safety records and feel the dash cam is an intrusion or a cause for stress. A few drivers mention how video can prove that the car driver is often at fault in an accident with fleet trucks. This video evidence can exonerate the professional fleet truck driver and reduce expensive insurance claims How can we answer driver questions and make it easier for them to see the value of dashcams in their fleet vehicles?. Read More