One of the most important (and one of the most overlooked) aspects of any fleet-operating business is said business’ vehicle maintenance program. Keeping your fleet in prime condition is essential, as breakdowns and other symptoms of poor maintenance can wreak havoc on your company’s operations. Instituting a regular maintenance schedule for each vehicle can reduce your fleet’s operating costs, improve driver safety, and increase your fleet’s productivity. >> Continue Reading

You have probably noticed in your own short lifetime that modern grave markers are less distinctive and unique than the headstones of yesteryear. While those large granite markers do have character, they don’t fit with the trend of making cemeteries look less like burial grounds and more like meadows. Developer Richard Weintraub is facing this and other issues with his proposed Malibu development. >> Continue Reading

As technology evolves to improve our everyday lives, it also has a significant impact on our economy. The term “Silicon Valley” that once referred to a specific geographical area has expanded to encompass the broad spectrum of the high-tech sector. Thanks to the popularity of GPS tracking and other devices, geologic information systems (GIS) is the latest red-hot career field at universities. >> Continue Reading

  Monitor Your Fleet’s Health With Vehicle Diagnostics A service business’s fleet of vehicles is one of it’s biggest assets. GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager already provides a Vehicle Maintenance system for scheduling regular, recurring maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to help extend the life of vehicles and uphold their resale value. Now GPSTrackIt introduces >> Continue Reading >> Continue Reading