So your dream is to start a food truck business. Food aficionados thank you and your industrial spirit! The world needs more fun and delicious ways to enjoy life. But, like any business, the food truck industry requires extensive research and a solid business plan to get started. Here’s how GPS tracking technology can help focus your business goals and keep track of your assets, allowing your business to flourish and grow. >> Continue Reading

Saving money on a business fleet might seem impossible to many aspiring fleet managers, but there are a few things that you can do to trim down your expenses. If you are just starting up and have to use some of your own capital, finding ways to effectively cut costs without sacrificing quality or productivity is vital. The following are five ways you can save money when building and managing your trucking fleet. >> Continue Reading

In business, customer complaints should always be taken seriously. They should also be dealt with in a prompt and effective manner. Virtually all customer complaints can be placed into five major general categories. Learning what these complaint categories are should help you see why no complaint should be ignored. Being able to categorize your complaints should also help you deal with them more effectively. >> Continue Reading