During the embryonic days of the computer, we were assured that a “paperless office” was only a matter of time. Fast forward 50 years, and a paperless office is still a concept for the future as people continue to print emails, spreadsheets, reports and other computer-generated materials. Today, environmental concerns add an element of urgency to the reduction of paper usage. While hard copies may never be completely eliminated, you can take steps to increase digitization, making paper copies less necessary. >> Continue Reading

When it comes to GPS tracking systems, we focus on building GPS Trackit as the brand that saves fleets money, saves fleets time and increases their profits. A brand itself should be unique, but there are elements that all successful branding strategies have in common. Here are some tips for building a brand that inspires prospects to become loyal customers and advocates. >> Continue Reading

Innovations such as GPS tracking devices have brought a whole new level of technology to fleet management. Data that was previously cumbersome or impossible to track is now available at your fingertips. Are you planning to introduce GPS tracking or other new technology to your employees? Use these tips to make the transition smoother and less stressful. >> Continue Reading