Computer Chip Shortage Slows Class 8 Heavy Truck Production

The semiconductor shortage is short-circuiting heavy-duty truck production as supply-chain disruptions hamper efforts to meet robust demand for new big rigs.
North American production of Class 8 trucks, the big vehicles that haul most domestic freight, sank this summer to its lowest level since May 2020. Read More

Webinar: Tackling distracted driving with smart technology.

Smartphone-based distraction is a growing menace on our roads and highways. In 2019 over 3000 people were killed and an additional 424,000 people injured in vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers, according to an NHTSA report. Join this webinar to learn how the smart technology from SafeDrivePod can reduce distracted driving accidents, by blocking cell phone usage while driving.
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The High Cost of Fleet Accidents — How to Avoid Them & Protect Your Company

One of the biggest challenges you face is knowing how your team and vehicles affect costs and safety in an unpredictable world.

The cost of even one accident with injury or death can be devastating to your business.
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Webinar on Hiring the Best Fleet Drivers with Predictive Analytics

Driver recruitment and retention is a HUGE problem for the fleet and trucking industry. Pre-employment behavioral assessments and analytics have proven to predict which applicants will perform at a high level and stay while allowing fleets to avoid safety risks.

Attend this webinar to learn how predictive analytics can help you instantly identify the safest, most valuable drivers in the applicant pool.

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GPS Trackit Announces Leading-Edge Video Telematics Solution

VidFleet transforms road safety with high-resolution video, edge processing, and real-time in-cab audible alerts.

Atlanta, GA, July 20, 2021 – GPS Trackit, a leading provider of video, fleet, and asset tracking systems, announced today it has launched VidFleet™ – a cutting-edge, connected video telematics system with features that range from a 360-degree view of the road and driver to real-time in-cab audible alerts and the industry’s clearest picture.

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We’re excited to announce the launch of VidFleet™ – smart dash cam video that gives you the power …. GPS Trackit’s video offerings provide fleets with a comprehensive range of solutions from forward-facing to multi-camera, and from 360-degree dash cam views to the most advanced AI in the industry.

In-Cabin Voice Coaching Improves Fleet Driver Performance

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How to Reduce Fleet Maintenance Problems

Your job as a fleet manager or fleet owner is complex because you have to manage preventive maintenance, service history, multiple service dates, manufacturer recalls and track the costs of many vehicles in your fleet. This work is more complicated when the data is spread across multiple systems, spreadsheets and paper documents.

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