Lawn Care for Atlanta Braves Truist Park

A lot of work and preparation goes into the maintenance and care of a Major League Baseball field. For one thing, the stadiums are massive. Take Truist Park, home of the reigning World Series champion Atlanta Braves, for example. The deepest point from home plate goes all the way out to 402 feet. Other parts of the field go beyond 300 feet. This doesn’t even take into account all the grass behind home plate, in front of each dugout, and along the foul line. Read More

Fighting Service Fleet Fuel Fraud

Fuel is one of the most important aspects of any service fleet business, which also makes it one of the more expensive aspects as well. Rising gas prices aside, the consistent need to refuel even the most fuel-efficient vehicles can run up a hefty tab for businesses to pay.  Read More

Improve Delivery Fleet Safety with Driver Scorecards

Delivery driver behavior is one of the most important aspects a fleet manager has to deal with. If drivers are negligent behind the wheel, the results could be costly. Transported products could be damaged. Vehicles could wear down at a rate faster than expected. Worst of all, if a driver isn’t doing what they’re supposed to, an accident could occur, and people could get seriously hurt. Read More

Can Asset Trackers Minimize Freight Delays?

Fleet managers use GPS asset management technology to keep tabs on their trucks as they deliver shipping containers all across the country. These managers like to know where their vehicles are at all times to ensure the product shipments are on track to reach their target destinations when they’re supposed to. Read More