Record $1 Billion Judgement Against Trucking Company

In 2018, over 2,800 people were killed, and an estimated 400,000 people were injured in accidents involving a distracted driver, and 20% of those killed weren’t even driving – they were pedestrians. On average, truck crashes with injuries cost $200,000 or more. But in light of those statistics, this number feels low by comparison when we consider a case like the death of Connor Dzion and the billion dollar judgement against the companies involved. Read More

Dashcam Regulations In Each State

Navigating the rules about dashcams can be tricky, especially when it comes to the differences in state laws. As you’ll see, some states have very specific guidelines while others are quite open. As a rule of thumb, always make sure that a dashcam does not obstruct the driver’s view. While we have tried to keep this guide brief and accurate, this does not represent legal advice. Read More

The Next Thing in Electric Fleet Vehicles?

There’s obviously a lot of talk about the coming wave of EV and autonomous vehicles in both consumer and commercial markets. Despite the fanfare (or infamy) of these coming technological evolutions, there are a couple of present-day roadblocks that fleet managers are looking to solve. One of the biggest issues with EV is the battery life relative to the distance a vehicle can travel. For long-haul trucking, we’re just not there yet. Read More

ROI Calculator: How Do Telematics & Fleet Tracking Save Your Business Time and Money?

Where does all the time and money go? For nearly every business we speak to, there’s always a need for time savings and cost savings. It just depends on what’s causing the bottleneck. Think about the constraints in your fleet management from fuel costs to labor to vehicle maintenance to compliance: there are viable, cost-effective solutions within reach.

You can use the ROI calculator at the end of this article that will help you accurately estimate what you could save and where you could increase revenues in your fleet. First, let’s look at exactly how fleet management makes such a difference! Read More

When your fleet vehicles break down during service, the cost of unplanned fleet maintenance can add up—fast. There are the hard costs associated with the vehicle repairs. There are wages to pay. Plus the cost of delayed service or shipments to your customers while you wait for your out-of-service vehicle to be repaired.

Did you know that a repair performed at an outside location as opposed to an in-house shop can make maintenance costs up to 40% higher?

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