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Optimized Routes

Informed Dispatch

Data-Based Coordination

Improve Your Customer Service and Response Times

GPS tracking software provides real-time data that can be used to improve driver accountability, minimizing the risk of your business’ reputation being compromised by an unsafe driver. Monitoring and improving driver performance , yielding a better experience for your clients. Fleet Manager’s maps and route-planning capabilities also help reduce the time it takes to make deliveries and service calls, optimizing your fleet’s productivity and profitability.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation
Reduce Accident Risk
Optimize Driver Training and Assessment
Support Your Mobile Workforce

Locate on Demand

Know where your vehicles and drivers are at all times with our real-time vehicle location feature.

Green and Clean

Reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint and improve the accuracy of your records with paperless recordkeeping.

Bird's-Eye View

Easily identify the fastest routes and nearest drivers with a bird’s-eye view of the area in our Fleet Manager console.

24/7 Vehicle Monitoring

Utilizing GPS vehicle tracking improves transparency by increasing asset and vehicle visibility.

Real-Time Alerts and Actionable Data

Fleet Manager provides a variety of alerts and reports. These alerts can notify supervisors and drivers of excessive speed, too much idling, and unsafe driving behaviors. The reports can be used to work with drivers to improve their performance, resulting in faster response times and lower operating costs.

Locate Nearest Vehicle

With Fleet Manager’s Locate Nearest Vehicle feature, you can identify the closest vehicle to a certain location with a click of a button. This is ideal for businesses who handle emergency service calls and have to manage several moving parts at once.

Improve response times and keep your customers happy!