Asset Protection: GPS Tracking Reduces Thefts and Speeds Recovery


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Two Compelling Stories About Why You Might Want GPS Tracking Devices On Your Assets

Theft happens. It’s everywhere, and your business isn’t immune to it. If nothing’s happened to you yet, ask around. You’ll hear at least a handful of horror stories about how some very valuable asset was stolen. You won’t hear many stories about how these business owners purchased a GPS-based tracking device. There’s where the problem lies. If you can’t track  the location of your assets, you’re giving up at least some control over them.

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Investigators Use GPS to Track, Catch Suspect

Law enforcement officers used a tracking device to follow a suspect and recover some items in a two-state stolen equipment investigation which culminated Wednesday with the man’s arrest in Franklin County.

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‘Breaking Bad’ GPS Coordinates Lead to Studio Where Show Was Shot

If you use Walter White’s GPS numbers to go hunting for his treasure, you’re going to be disappointed. But you will find a cool inside joke.

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