Reduce Risk + Protect Assets + Safeguard Equipment

Covert Theft Prevention
Asset Recovery + Real-Time GPS
Risk Reduction + Peace of Mind

Slick Covert Tracking, Easy Install.

Whether you manage a fleet of service vehicles or maintain heavy equipment at unsecured job sites, having a reliable asset protection and recovery solution in place can give you peace of mind. Unlike on-site security guards and video surveillance—which are limited in what they can see at any given time—GPSTrackIt’s field of view is wide open. Our real-time GPS asset tracking and recovery solution provides you with 24/7 protection of your most valuable assets.

View Assets and Status on Map
Main Power Disconnect from Asset
Grouping of Vehicles
Alerts for GeoFence and Landmark Breaches
After Hours Alerts

Theft Prevention and Instant Locate

A good asset tracking system not only guards against equipment theft, tampering and misuse, it also proactively supports reporting and communications.

Scheduled Daily Reporting or Locate On Demand
PTO Alerts (Tow Alerts, Boom Alert )
Reduced Need for On-Site Security
Expedited Vehicle Repossession
Text and Email Alerts

Why take any chances?

Consider the actual value of your vehicles. Not simply in terms of their replacement cost, but also in terms of everything you might stand to lose should any of your vehicles be stolen. Time? Energy? Opportunity costs? Your business? Our solution can help you reduce some of the risk of fleet ownership.

Drive in Confidence.

GPSTrackIt offers you more than vehicle tracking and surveillance. Our cloud-based solution can also help you remotely disable or recover your vehicles anytime you need, anywhere you are.

Real-Time Vehicle Locate
Remote Starter Disable/Door Unlock
Roadside Assistance and 24/7 Call Center
Generate Specific Truck Reports
Fastest Web-Interface Speeds in the Industry

Plug N Play Asset Monitoring

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