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Advanced Trucking

Load Type Customization View & Compare Routes Reduce Idling

Advanced Trucking Solutions for the Modern Fleet

Do you and your drivers end up off-route on a regular basis? Are you ever required to haul hazardous materials? Have your drivers or cargo ever been compromised by last-minute route changes?

For those in the transportation industry, routing has moved far beyond what can be determined from a standard map. Route planners need to take into account time, efficiency, safety, and compliance—all while trying to keep drivers informed and on the move. GPS Trackit’s advanced transportation management system automates and streamlines the routing process, so you can manage your daily operations with greater confidence and peace of mind.

HAZMAT Compliant Routing

Truck fleets have unique needs when it comes to mapping, compliance, and route planning. This is why GPS Trackit has partnered with the best routing and mapping platform made specifically for the transportation and logistics industry. Our advanced trucking system creates and displays compliant routes at the click of a button.

Reduce Mileage and Idling Time
Prevent Compliance Violations
View and Compare Multiple Routes
Better Visibility with GPS Truck Tracking

Advanced Routing with ALK and Fleet Manager

Work With The Best

With a PC*MILER routing engine at its core, our truck routing software uses ALK Maps to interactively plan and display accurate commercial vehicle routes based on advanced truck variables like vehicle size and load type. Experience the power and versatility of an advanced transportation management system created especially for trucking companies.

HAZMAT-Approved Routes
Routing & Traffic Overlays
Geocode Points
Truck Tracking

Cut Fuel Costs

Cut fuel wastage with truck tracking software. Optimized routing reduces idling time, which could yield annual savings of approximately $6,000/truck.

Get Compliant

Sophisticated route planning and analysis makes compliant routing easier than ever. With truck GPS tracking, you’ll never have to guess what’s coming next.

Go Further

Increase ton-miles while reducing mileage with optimized route planning. With GPS Trackit’s advanced transportation system, you get the most out of every mile.

Take the Guesswork Out of Route Planning

Our transportation management software lets you decrease your fleet’s risk of involvement in accidents and delays by providing routes optimized for your businesses’ unique needs and limitations. Avoid fines, save time, and simplify your route planning process with our easy-to-use software and cutting-edge trucking solutions.

Trucking and transportation fleets experience unique problems when it comes to creating routes that are both compliant and efficient. Let our sophisticated transportation software take care of your routing needs. The Advanced Routing tool will generate the best routes available based on your fleet’s truck sizes, load types, and other restrictions.

Real-time Tracking and Reports
Quarterly Reports
Entire Fleet Reports
Sub-Fleet Reports
Specific Truck Reports
Time-Specified Reports

Fleet Manager™ Integration
Fast Web Interface Speeds
Free Training and Tech Support
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Hardware Warranty Under Contract

IFTA-approved calculation methods
Built-in measurement conversion
Multi-Fleet Capabilities
Eliminate human error in calculations
Usable across jurisdictions

Let our ProMiles Integration help you get compliant.

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