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Who We Are

GPS Trackit is a software product development company that delivers a powerful and highly customizable suite of web-based fleet management solutions. Our solutions are specifically designed to help your company improve operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Software Development

Unlike many other fleet management providers, we actually develop and operate our own software. Our fleet management solutions are made to fit your business, not the other way around.

Business Solutions

Our solutions are designed to help you manage and optimize your fleet's everyday activities. From initial onboarding to eventually realizing the full potential of our software, we will always be there to help you empower your fleet.

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnerships with software retailers, third-party software companies, and GPS tracking installers enhance our ability to make our robust, feature-rich products available to you.

Who We Serve

Small Businesses Solutions

Our cost-effective solutions are great for small businesses, helping them respond to changing conditions on the road and in their workforce. Driver location, two-way messaging, and route optimization are just some of the features small fleet owners love.

Enterprise Solutions

We help you stay current with everything happening in your fleet, no matter how large. Our enterprise solutions give you the tools and the support to solve the complex fleet management problems that could be costing you money.

Government Solutions

GPS Trackit is GSA-approved and, most importantly, provides the cost efficiency, accountability and compliance support that government fleet operators require.

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