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GPSTrackIt Service Plans enable fleets across all industries to reap enterprise level benefits of reliable, real-time GPS tracking for vehicles, equipments and assets. Every customized GPS Fleet tracking solution includes a GPS hardware + Fleet Manager© software package specially tailored to the unique needs of a customer’s operation and vehicle tracking requirements.

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asset protection units
Asset Tracker
Features Basic
GPS Tracking:
  • Locates Every 6 Hours
  • Detailed Report
  • iPhone & Android Apps
  • GeoFences
  • Landmarks
  • Vehicle Trails
  • Mapping
  • 20 Manual Locates per Year per Unit (in addition to Auto Locates)
  • Roadside Assistance**
  • and Much More…
basic vehicle tracking
Asset Tracker
Features Plus:
  • Locate 1x/hr While Driving
  • Detailed Reports
  • Ignition On/Off
  • Engine Hours
  • After Hour Alerts
  • Out of State Alerts
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • 100 Manual Locates per Unit (in addition to Auto Locates)
  • Roadside Assistance**
  • and Much More…
advanced fleet management
Top Seller!
Fleet Pro
Asset Tracker & Hybrid
Features Plus:


GPS Fleet Tracking Software Solution

Exceptional in Every Way!
Great asset to our company. Has cut fraud in half and increased production 10 fold. They are there to help you every step of the way. Exceptional customer service.”


Edward K.
Director of Finance from Maryland

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GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Services include comprehensive fleet management, basic vehicle, equipment and asset tracking, and scaled down combinations of the two. Device options include hard-wired and plug-and-play GPS tracking units.

Tracking and reporting are web-based, on the cloud, with unlimited data storage. Worldwide coverage is provided via both GPS and communication satellites, enabling tracking across 80% of the Earth’s surface.

Personalized service is standard. All GPS tracking solution plans are designed and built in-house at competitive prices. Training is free. Tech support is unlimited.

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Asset Tracker HybridTop Seller Fleet Pro
?Update Times
How often your unit is pinged.
4x/day1x/hr5, 2 or 1 min
?Detailed Reports
A wide variety of reports are available.
?iPhone and Android Apps
Track your fleet on the go.
?Locate on Demand**
Real-time location when you need it.
?Unlimited Training
Plus live tech support.
User defined map points.
Virtual boundaries at the ready.
Notifications by text, email or web.
?Starter Disable**
Prevents restarting once activated.
?Vehicle Maintenance
Receive alerts via text and email.
?Vehicle Trails & History
See vehicle activity over time.
?Data Pump
XML or JSON format.
?Driver Analytics DashboardView statistical data on graphs or charts.check
?Driver™ Tablet Integration The perfect workforce productivity tool.check
?Driver Routing
Route planning and optimization.
?Two Way Messaging
Preset or free text messages.
?Custom Forms
Collect important customer service data.
?Route Comparison
Route to vehicle trail.
Application Programming Interface
Hours of Service
?Tire Pressure Monitoring
Set thresholds for temperature and pressure.
?Diagnostics OBD-II
Monitor data from business vehicles.
?Diagnostics J1708/1939 CAN BUS
Monitor data from commercial vehicles.
?PTO Monitoring**
Monitor inputs like cement pours and roll offs.
?Turn by Turn Updates**
Tracking signal sent with each turn of the vehicle.
IFTA compliance reporting.
?Roadside Assistance**
Best Roadside Assistance for Your Fleet
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