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GPS Tracking for Transportation Vehicles

Transportation GPS Tracking

Keep Track of Trucks, Containers, Trailers & Freight in Real-Time, Anywhere, All the Time

Transporting goods across town, from town to town, or across country involves much more than cranking up an engine and stepping on the accelerator.

Trucking and transport companies need to monitor and protect drivers and freight, manage fuel usage, routes and IFTA reporting, among other challenges. GPSTrackIt can help with customized solutions for the transportation industry.

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Track Drivers. Improve Security. Cut Costs.

Transportation GPS Tracking will network trucks, trailers and containers into a single, powerful fleet tracking and management system that is easy to use, affordable, and that typically pays for itself within a few months.

In addition to real-time, 24/7 GPS vehicle tracking, GPS fleet management solutions help transport companies:

  • Keep drivers on schedule and on the map.
  • Improve driver safety with instant alerts for unfastened seat-belts, rapid acceleration, hard braking, hard turns, and exceeding speed limits.
  • Monitor and communicate via apps, a secure driver tablet site* and instant alert devices.
  • Protect vehicles, equipment, containers and freight from theft.
  • Monitor fuel usage, idling and engine on-off events.
  • Set landmarks and log arrival and departure times.
  • Electronically track after-hours usage.
  • Cut fuel costs via route optimization, speeding alerts, and vehicle maintenance notifications.
  • Create time-sheets, shorten billing cycles, and lower insurance costs.
  • Generate reports for IFTA miles, fuel expenses, vehicle trails, much more!

GPSTrackIt for Transport Companies
GPSTrackIt Landmark Report

Landmark Report – Click Image for a Larger View.

Team Management
  • Scheduling & Mapping
  • Route Optimization
  • Turn by Turn Navigation
  • Landmark Arrivals & Departures
  • Driver-Specific Key-Fob Devices
  • Time Sheet Logging
  • IFTA Compliant Reports
  • Driver Safety Alerts
  • Fuel Use & Idle Time Reports
  • After-Hours Usage & GeoFence Alerts
  • Vehicle Trail Maps
  • Unlimited Data Storage
ROI Savings
  • Map Shorter Routes.
  • Generate Time Sheets.
  • Cut Fuel Costs.
  • Integrate Fuel Cards.
  • Reduce Wear and Tear.
  • Protect Against Theft.
  • Get Insurance Discounts.
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**Please note that GPSTrackIt asks all drivers to avoid using cellphones and tablets while driving, as the distraction could result in a fatal accident.