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GPSTrackIt Driver© Tablet Site

Driver© Tablet Site

Field Service Management Meets GPS Tracking

Connect to Workers on the Go. In Real-Time.

Driver© is a website optimized for display on mobile tablets. It acts as a 2-way communication portal for dispatchers and field workers that is specifically designed to work on all tablets across platforms. Some of the features Driver© includes are:
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • Route Loading
  • Customizable Forms
  • Plan Stops & Job Sites
  • Driver Time Clock and History
  • Maps View of Stops
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The Driver© mobile site works across all tablets

GPS tablet tracking
Technology changes all the time, so that’s why built a Driver© Tablet Site to work across all modern tablets – regardless of the hardware. Whether employees access Driver© via iPad, an Android-based tablet, or Blackberry, it will still look and run great. Driver© is a field service management solution that’s fully adaptable, easy to use, and online in real-time, 24/7.
  • Works Across Platforms: Driver© displays great on iPads, tablets running Android, and Blackberry.
  • Responsive Design: Since Driver© is a mobile tablet site it adapts to any device display – ready to work on any screen size.
  • Always Up to Date: When it comes to upgrades, users can sit back and relax as Driver’s© software updates in real-time. The best version available of Fleet Manager© software will always be running, free of charge.
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Driver Analytics help you manage your workforce2-way messaging lets you communicate in real-time

Driver© allows for easy 2-way communication between managers, dispatchers and employees in the field. Choose from a list of canned messages, or write custom messages.
  • Chat History: Drivers can easily view current and past chat history to keep track of daily communications.
  • Canned Responses: Messaging is easy with pre-written canned responses to use for everyday situations.
  • Notifications: A simple, yet hard to miss, notification bar lets drivers know when they’ve missed a chat.
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Drivers can view their routes, job details and status for the day

Help field employees stay more organized through the Driver’s Stops tab. Each worker can easily see his/her stops for the day, update status, review notes, and get directions – all at the touch of a button.
  • Dynamic Stops List: Employees can view all stops for the day, add new stops, and get notified if dispatch sends any more.
  • Stay Updated: Drivers can let dispatch know if they are en route, pending, or done with an assigned stop.
  • Directions & Detail: Dispatch can add work notes to a stop for drivers, who can then get directions for any stop sent their way.
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Customizable forms let users electronically collect all data needed.

Collecting data from the field can be both time consuming and tedious. Driver’s© customizable forms removes the hassle with preset data fields that help employees update common work activities, needs, customer info, and job site info.
  • Custom Forms: Create forms for everyday tasks such as job completions, fuel usage, delivery updates, and more.
  • Update Dispatch: All data sent in a form is instantly available to dispatch to view through any web enabled device.
  • Flexible Fields: Choose from text, drop downs, multiple choice, radio buttons, and more when creating forms.
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Driver status tab lets employees update dispatch on their activity

The Driver tab provides a hub for each employee to officially update Dispatch on his/her activity for the day. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, and gives an objective history for reviewing work orders and timesheet records.
  • Time Clock: Drivers can easily clock in and out to allow for easy timesheet keeping.
  • Driver History: Each employee can get an overview of his/her activity showing time clock changes, stops and status updates.
  • Status Updates: Drivers can post status changes to dispatch in real-time: on-duty driving, on-duty idle, off-duty, and lunch.
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Maps lets employees view all stops

Maps enables drivers to view the big picture while also allowing for smarter routing and time management with dynamic stops, and route optimization.
  • View All Stops: Drivers can easily get a birds eye view of all stops for the day and plan accordingly.
  • Get Directions: Drivers can use dynamic map markers to get directions to any point from a current location.
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cloud gps tracking softwareGPS tracking on the cloud is available to dispatchers, too.

Dispatchers and managers can keep track on the go with GPSTrackIt’s iPhone and Android Apps, and by viewing Driver© on any tablet. Whether in the office, at home, or on the way to a job site, managers can check in on drivers and provide the support they need.
  • Dispatch by Tablet: GPSTrackIt’s Fleet Manager© software can easily be used on any tablet to run reports, set alerts, and communicate with drivers.
  • iPhone, iPad and Android Access: Great things do come in small packages, and users of GPSTrackIt’s iOS and Android Apps enjoy the benefits of real-time locates, reports, alerts, and more.
  • Cloud Connected: Since GPSTrackIt’s software is cloud-based, managers can update and manage fleets on any device, keeping all information in sync.
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All of the above, plus amazing service and support!

Consultative Sales Process

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Unlimited Tech Support

GPSTrackIt’s 7-day-a-week customer service and support is here to help from day one, offering guidance with set-up and training resources to show how to make the best use of the Fleet Manager© GPS tracking solution.

Leading Guarantee

GPSTrackIt offers an industry leading guarantee on all products and services. Solutions are backed for the lifetime of every service plan.

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Distracted Driving Caution: Avoid accidents and tickets! Best practice is to use a smartphone or tablet while parked or away from the vehicle. If either device needs to be accessed while driving, pull safely to the side of the road, out of traffic, and stop the vehicle.