Fuel Card Integration for Business

Our flagship product already helps companies manage their fleets more efficiently. The new fuel card integration increases this capability.

Drivers pay for fuel at participating stations using a fuel card. The fuel card works much like a credit card. Reports on fuel purchases can alert dispatchers and fleet managers to potential fuel theft.

Fuel Card

The new fuel card functionality provides the following features:

  • Restrict access to specific Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)
  • Limit purchases with time-of-day restrictions and numbers of transactions
  • Assign different purchase levels and PIN number authorization to each user

Fuel cards can be set up with different purchase levels. Fleet operators can create fuel card profiles based on spending habits. Users can also create profiles based on vehicle tank size.

This feature enables managers to:

  • Produce more accurate records for reconciliation
  • Allow vehicles with similar traits to be grouped
  • Offer controls based on business roles

The cards are limited to fuel purchases only at any location that accepts MasterCard. Limits can be tied to the fuel capacity of the vehicle or a fixed dollar amount.

Fleet Manager provides reports to help bookkeepers with the reconciliation of accounts. And alerts can be set for overfills and for vehicles that are not at the location when the fuel was purchased. Tank capacities entered into Fleet Manager identify purchases where the amount of fuel purchased exceeds the capacity of the vehicle’s fuel tank. In addition, dispatchers and fleet managers can be alerted when fuel is purchased using a fuel card but the associated vehicle is not at that location at the time the fuel was purchased.

As the cost of fuel continues to rise, fuel theft becomes an increasingly serious issue. Identifying the illicit use of fuel is an important management tool for fleet operators.

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