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Real-Time Fleet Tracking Solution

Our Fleet Tracking Software provides sophisticated yet affordable GPS tracking software custom networked to GPS vehicle tracking devices to help optimize performance and lower expenses for large and small fleet operations.

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Exceptional in Every Way!
Great asset to our company. Has cut fraud in half and increased production 10 fold. They are there to help you every step of the way. Exceptional customer service.”


Edward K.
Director of Finance from Maryland

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GPS Fleet Management Software Solution

Whether you have 2 or 200+ vehicles’s cutting edge technology will help you experience reduce fuel costs, cut idling time, lessen payroll, scale down maintenance costs and so much more.

Our ability to deploy “ahead of the curve” GPS technology to our clients, while providing the highest quality training and world-class support is what allows most of our clients to receive an ROI in the shortest time period possible. As well as protecting their biggest assets. It’s these reasons and more why our clients sing our praises practically everyday.

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Dispatch Drivers with Route Planning and 2-Way MessagingDispatch Drivers with Route Planning and 2-Way Messaging

GPSTrackIt Provides Routing and Mapping Tools

Fleet Tracking Software helps vehicle and equipment operations get more work done in a day with easy to use dispatching and two-way messaging. Direct fleet drivers to preset addresses, landmarks, or even other units. Drivers can view stops using GPSTrackIt’s Driver© tablet site.

  • Dispatch Drivers: Send drivers to an address, landmark, or another unit.
  • Two-Way Messaging: Communicate in real-time by text or email using the Driver© tablet site.
  • Closest to Location: Optimize field time by directing the closest drivers to new job sites.


Manage Fleets on the Road with the GPSTrackIt Driver Tablet Site and Mobile AppsImprove Operations with Mobile Access for Dispatchers and Drivers

GPSTrackIt Provides a Driver Tablet Site, and iOS and Android Apps Free of Charge to All Customers

GPSTrackIt’s fleet management solution travels with managers and dispatchers via smartphone and tablet apps that provide full access to alerts, reports and tools. The Driver© tablet site enables drivers to communicate with dispatch in real time to retrieve routes, schedules, changes and alerts.

  • Driver Tablet Site: Enjoy 2-way messaging, route loading, custom forms, and more
  • Smartphone Apps: Track and dispatch using GPSTrackIt apps for smartphones: iPhone or Android
  • Unlimited Data Storage with 24/7 Retrieval: Data storage is on the cloud, allowing for secure access via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime, anywhere.


Mapping Enables Real-Time Views of Fleet ActivityView Fleet Activity in Real-Time on Maps

GPSTrackIt Displays Real-Time Vehicle Location Info on Easy-to-View Maps

GPSTrackIt’s simple Maps interface allows fleet managers and dispatchers to see driver activity in real-time, and direct operations with ease. Whether viewing all drivers for dispatching, or zooming in to assist a specific driver, it is easy to locate and manage drivers in the field.

  • Easy Viewing: Quickly see an entire fleet and movement activity.
  • GeoFences & Landmarks: Get notified when drivers arrive, leave, or are close to a job site.
  • Faster Response: Use driver dispatching and nearest vehicle to improve service, and reduce down time.


Overwhelmed?… Here are the Top 5 Questions You Need To Ask Before Selecting a GPS Tracking Solution.

Safety Alerts, Location Alerts, Usage Alerts, More, Track Driver Behavior and Vehicle UsageKnow when Drivers Start, Stop, Arrive, and more with Real-Time Alerts

GPSTrackIt Provides Real-Time Safety Alerts, Location Alerts, Usage Alerts, More

Whether by text, email or web, alerts can be sent for multiple activity types. Receive notifications when drivers leave for work, arrive at job sites, or use vehicles off hours. Set up event notifications like PTO, speeding, idling, or when vehicles are powered off.

  • Manage Workers: Know when drivers arrive/depart from job sites to better direct activity.
  • Monitor Behavior: Be warned if drivers speed, idle, or use vehicles for personal use.
  • Protect Assets: Receive instant notifications if equipment is removed illegally.


Driver Analytics help Manage the WorkforceManage Teams Efficiently using Driver Analytics and Reports

GPSTrackIt Offers Driver Analytics Reports in Data and Chart Format

GPSTrackIt provides real-time reporting to help run an efficient, productive and safe fleet. Easily create reports to view driver behavior for an individual, a group, or an entire fleet.

  • Detailed Reports: View data from any time period on vehicle history, idling, events, and more.
  • Track Behavior: View fuel use, equipment hours, speeding, and timesheets.
  • Simple Summaries: See the big picture with easy to read reports that can be exported at ease.


Vehicle Maintenance Reminders Help Run a Smarter FleetRun a Smarter Fleet with Maintenance Reminders and Reports

GPSTrackIt Provides Tools for Setting up Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

An efficient fleet is a productive fleet. GPSTrackIt’s Vehicle Management and Maintenance features helps managers stay on top of a fleet’s efficiency with easy to set maintenance reminders for items such as oil changes, parts replacement, or anything else required – all by time, miles or even engine hours.

  • Maintain Vehicles: Set reminders for all maintenance items, and get notified by text/email.
  • Flexible Reminders: Set alerts by times, miles, or engine hours.
  • Track Engine Hours: Monitor equipment’s run time to plan ahead for check ups, and repairs.

All of the above, plus amazing service and support

Consultative Sales Process

GPSTrackIt’s expert Solutions Specialists offer personalized software tours, live demos, and are happy to answer any questions about how a GPSTrackIt solution can meet fleet and equipment management needs. Call 866-320-5810 today to get started.

Unlimited Tech Support

GPSTrackIt customer service and support is here to help from Day 1 with set up, training resources and free, unlimited customer service and technical support.

Leading Guarantee

GPSTrackIt offers an industry leading guarantee on all products and services. All solutions are backed for the lifetime of the service plan. No gimmicks. No hassle.

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