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Fleet Management Software – 10 Ways to Improve Operations

Fleet managementFleet management software provides companies with more control than ever of fleet operations. From purchase to disposal, fleet management software can streamline and increase the effectiveness of your fleet management—reducing risk and increasing productivity.

Here are 10 benefits of using fleet management software to maximize your fleet investment:

1. Reduced fuel costs.

Fleet management software can provide optimized routing, so that vehicles aren’t wasting gas on unnecessary miles and idling.

2. Lowered labor costs.

Just as optimized routing saves fuel cost, it also saves in labor because driver time to fulfill deliveries is reduced.

3. More-detailed driver performance measurements.

The wealth of constant information about vehicle location, vehicle speed, and operating condition helps you determine how well each driver is doing the job.

4. Improved coordination between shipping and drivers.

Orders can be made ready for delivery just as they’re needed, reducing rework associated with changed or canceled orders, as well as helping manage warehouse space.

5. Added driver assistance.

Fleet management software can be used on the road to provide turn-by-turn directions, facilitate two-way communication between dispatch and drivers, and supply other critical information drivers need.

6. More-diligent vehicle maintenance.

Software can provide alerts for scheduled maintenance as a preventive measure against sudden vehicle problems.

7. Constant vehicle tracking.

Your fleet is a highly valuable asset that needs protection. Software (usually using GPS technology) will tell you where a vehicle is—even if it’s stolen. Using geo-fencing, software can provide an alert whenever a vehicle leaves as designated area—an important feature not only to prevent theft but also employee misuse.

8. Improved customer service.

Beyond the obvious improvement in this area provided by optimized routing—meaning faster service—software also allows constant customer updating, so that customers can easily find out the status of a shipment.

9. Shortened billing cycle.

The automation of time sheets and trip times simplifies and speeds billing. The necessary information is always ready-to-go and easily processed into invoices.

10.Reduced insurance costs.

Most insurance companies provide better rates to companies that use fleet management software.


Fleet management has long been recognized as a critical component of the profitability of any company that utilizes a stable of vehicles to provide products and services (for government agencies and nonprofits, fleet management is just as important to minimize costs). Advances in fleet management software—particularly cloud-based software—has increased the potential of fleet management to drive efficiency.

Whether you manage your fleet in-house or outsource, if you’re not using fleet management software to your advantage, you’re missing a golden opportunity to significantly improve operations.

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