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women truck drivers

Is It Time for More Women Truck Drivers?

The number of women truck drivers in the United States has definitely increased over the years, albeit slowly. According to data obtained from the American Trucking Association, female truckers comprise 5.8% of the trucking payroll. While this percentage is not terribly encouraging, the trend certainly is. Female drivers are entering the trucking and transportation industry..

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healthy trucker

10 Tips for Being a Healthy Trucker – How Long Haul Truck Drivers Can Stay Healthy

Long-haul drivers, also known as over-the-road truckers, spend a lot of time on the road. They travel long distances and are usually away from their families and homes for many weeks at a time.  Driving a vehicle all day, sleeping in a truck, and eating at rest stops can lead a long-haul driver down an..

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road etiquette

Road Etiquette 101

Etiquette is something that every human being needs to demonstrate in every single thing that he or she does. Driving is no exception. There are certain “rules of driving” that every driver must obey. Driving isn’t just about getting from one place to another; the truth is more complicated. It is an activity that requires..

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Don't let these things destroy your plumbing and HVAC business.

10 Ways Plumbing and HVAC Companies Lose Money

Many plumbing and HVAC contracting ventures fail within their first few years in business. Is your contracting business destined for the same fate? We take a look at some of the ways you could be falling behind the competition. 1. Not Thinking Green Enough The modern homeowner tends to be very environmentally-aware. Even if they..

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RFID tags

Application of RFID Tags for Inventory Management Software

Keeping track of expensive equipment and mobile assets in an efficient manner is one of the most complex challenges faced by large companies. Without a reliable inventory management system in place, both labor costs and carrying charges can go through the roof.  Not to mention, the companies will incur huge losses if the valuable equipment..

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We take a look at some changes fleets can make to go greener.

Green Your Fleet: How to Reduce Your Business’ Carbon Tread Mark

Most fleet-based companies would find it hard to describe their operation as “green”. The nature of the business often necessitates both carbon emissions and paper waste, though this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build and manage an eco-friendly fleet. While some degree of environmental impact is inevitable for most fleet operations, that impact can be..

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